LISTEN: Midnight-Oil Vol.3

Source: BAD REP

source: Midnight-Oil Vol. 3

Cover art by Wooi Lee Khor

Dirty Projectors’ ‘Temecula Sunrise’ is torn to shreds, reconstructed, and brought back to life in this 12-minute long collaboration put together by Midnight-Oil. In the same vein as the previous two volumes, local producers and their regional (and international!) counterparts showcased their individual takes on the track, before the collective mixed together the submissions. With artistes from six countries throwing their hat in the ring for this edition, a smattering of aural flavours are sampled throughout the release. Chill vibes and filthy beats by new faces and old such as Iyer and VMPRMYTH  are encountered on this musical journey, with local newcomer Yaashdev closing up the mix on a ridiculous note.

Keep an eye on this page if you’re interested in participating in the next release.