LISTEN: Menikmati’s ‘Senyuman’

source: Menikmati

Randomly browsing Soundcloud can yield incredible discoveries. Four-piece Nusantara-imbued electronic band Menikmati has been around since August 2012 if their profile is to be believed, but it was only recently that our ears were treated to the vocoder-aided sweet nothings of ‘Senyuman’. While highly likely influenced by monoloQue’s pontification of nu-sound-tara, not all of their tracks scream the forceful amalgam of traditional instrumentation and modern sounds borne of ones and zeroes such acts tend to drown themselves in. And if it did? The execution is infinitely better (seemingly a tradition among Loque’s acolytes). Other tracks aren’t as Majestic Casual-friendly though, chillwave ‘Mencari’ and overtly nu-sound-tara ‘Kacau Bilau (Demo)’ are more stringently experimental.

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