LISTEN: Menikmati’s ‘Senyuman (Azrul Remix)’

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source: Azrul

Menikmati’s ‘Senyuman’ is more than a year old, but it proves that its gentle, left-of-center pop is still resonant. The track has been the the subject of many remixes by the likes of Adam Kasturi and Pradana. When Azrul Zainal isn’t drawling over the microphone as one-half of Jaggfuzzbeats, he dabbles in some experimental electronic pop as well — there’s a range of them on his personal SoundCloud page. For this remix, there’s the addition of a female vocal embellishing the flourishing, ornate track. It still retains the same doleful expression of the original, but it certainly has much more of a danceable aspect to it.

Take a listen here:

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