LISTEN: Menikmati’s ‘Senyuman (Adam Kasturi Remix)’

source: Adam Kasturi

Image Fad Manaf

With a sophomore album — third, if you count free mixtape Jaguar in the works, Adam Kasturi is on a productivity binge that has seen him indulging in a remix spree (Killeur Calculateur’s ‘Funk Facts‘ and Smany’s ‘Music‘). Most recently, the track that introduced us to electronic quartet Menikmati has gotten the coveted Adam Kasturi remix; the lovesick chillwave ‘Senyuman‘ is now less the yearning of someone who’s only recently infatuated, but instead more the nostalgic longing of a heartbroken man. Of course then that the cover art is a pop appropriation of a still of Malaysia’s own manic pixie dream girl Cristina Suzanne Stockstill off indie movie KIL. Operating at a lower beat per minute than the already lowtempo original, the remix works best as a companion piece to his version of Smany’s ‘Music’ — an insight into the tone or mayhap a sonic experimentation into something unexpected of Adam’s future releases.

Listen to it below:

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