LISTEN: May Lyn Diversifies Lush Electronica With ‘Vessels’ EP

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‘Sensual’ is an overused word to describe female artistes, but it’s the most appropriate adjective to use to reflect Malaysian born May Lyn’s artistry. Her latest EP, Vessels, is filled with alluring sensuality that instantly wraps your eardrums with the warmth and intensity akin to FKA Twigs and Kiiara.

Based in Australia, May Lyn creates textured beats that are palpable – the softness of her voice complements each varying tone without overwhelming listeners. Vessel’s theme flows in the same vein as her past work Ascension; it moves back and forth through her journey of self-discovery and growth which she compresses into 7-solid tracks.

Signifying the “different blood streams that course through our bodies in relation to introspection”, each stream holds a different meaning that stems from multiple experiences that shapes human development. Despite the earlier release of Ascension, we’d like to think of Vessels as a more intimate introduction of May Lyn as an individual, with the single ‘Escape’ kickstarting the tumultuous journey into the artiste’s thoughts.

No chronological listen is needed, the EP on shuffle will bring you into all kinds of human emotion, with lyrics that focuses on self-reflection (‘Touch Base’) and self-worth in ‘What’s Mine’ (“And you thought I’ll never make it?“). Fellow Brisbane beatmaker tomtom makes an appearance in ‘Vibes’, keeping the chemistry alive from past collaboration. Also, keep a lookout for the track ‘Buildings’, as it makes for a stunning interlude made up with tribal-like instrumental to wrap the sonic adventure that is the EP.

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