LISTEN: Made Faceless’ ‘XY (feat. Shawn Rivera)’

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source: Made Faceless

Looking at the curly-haired featureless face on the cover of debut single ‘XY’, it’s not difficult to surmise which established local act has been “made faceless” here. Bo Amir Iqram – otherwise known as Mr. Fluff, one-third of EDM group IMMA*BLEEP*YOUUP, frontman of Seven, and a singer-songwriter on his own – has returned with not only a new direction and stage name, but the track is also released via his own label Commaa Records. While adopting a beat aesthetic that’s in tune with the SoundCloud generation of DAW-abled and r’n’b-obsessed millennials, Bo one-ups the myriad of bedroom producers on the internet by roping in Shawn Rivera of early ‘90s r’n’b group Az Yet on vocals – effectively making ‘XY’ a track that’s indicative of both acts’ changing musical desiderata. More, please.

Stream it below:

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