LISTEN: M.O.I.S.T’s ‘Caught Me Staring’

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source: M.O.I.S.T

Our favourite throwback synth pop act M.O.I.S.T has got a new track out, and it seems like the currently one-man band consisting of Jarrod is in complete mastery of the late ’80s sound. Jarrod has a flair for minimalist lyrics that adroitly discuss our generation’s urban ennui, one that reminds us of Talking Heads-era David Byrne as previously stated in our profile of the band, on ‘Caught Me Staring’ he goes a step further with the repetition of a single line, “You know, you know it, oh you know, you know it, oh you got me staring.” Nevertheless, that coming-of-age yearning ripe in M.O.I.S.T’s more elaborate songs still comes through with surprising effect — it helps that the synth lines are potent with mood. Just listen to the break towards the end, the vocals dissipate but by then its purpose is rendered redundant, the song’s intent is handled by the beat alone.

Listen to ‘Caught Me Staring’ below:

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