LISTEN: M.O.I.S.T’s ‘96000 (I Dreamt of Sibu)’

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After a whole year since we last heard anything new from M.O.I.S.T, Jarrod and co. return with a lucid dream pop song romanticising his hometown Sibu. Maybe ‘lucid’ isn’t the right word for it — like a hypnagogic hallucination, the lyrics are appropriately vague and concise, seemingly missing important plot points but no less clear in exuding the right emotional connection (“When I saw you there, I know,” is all we need to, well, know). After all, dreams are often time less Inception and more Tarsem Singh in their abstraction. Musically, ‘96000 (I Dreamt of Sibu)’ isn’t immediately dance-y the way ‘Zodiac’ was, the buildup is more contemplative and quieter — a slow dance synth pop track if you will.

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