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source: LUST

The band LUST made their KL debut in late November at Live Fact’s Kontakt Live Music series. But with the announcement of their debut EP entitled chingichanga as well as their second single ‘Naga’, a number of people on social media have been buzzing with anticipation and excitement, both of which are founded. Basing off the organised chaos of food in their album artwork, we’d say it’s reminiscent of Battles’ latest album La Di Da Di. But glib comparison aside, single ‘Naga’ is one bold alt pop track. Lead singer Orang’s vocals sweep through the clamorous display of drums and repetitive guitar, the song even becomes increasingly insistent with them urging you to “take [their] soul” as ‘Naga’ reaches a maddening end.

Listen to it below:

A trailer of LUST’s chingichanga EP below:

LUST’s chingichanga EP will be available on Saturday 12 March ’16. The band will tour the Peninsular during the April — May ’16 period. Follow the band on Facebook or Instagram for updates. 

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