LISTEN: LUST’s chingichanga EP

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source: LUST

The release of their alt pop single ‘Naga’, which reminds us a lot of bandmember Orang’s solo work, doesn’t actually serve as an all-encompassing sonic indicator of LUST’s debut EP chingichanga. It’s far more varied. The five-tracker is an eclectic body of work with opener ‘Aberdeen St.’ sounding like a true blue rock’n’roll track – its first four seconds playfully begin with what sound like a children’s show’s ditty before the reverbed scream and funk riffs properly open the band’s post-punk inclinations. Then, the psychedelic ‘Amphibia’ swirls and lingers in the mind while ‘Psychokillah’ is as maniacal and terrorising as the thematic subject. Finally, ‘Clapsong’ provides a raucous end for the EP.

Take a listen below:

LUST’s chingichanga’s physical EP is available for RM15, email [email protected] for your copy. The EP is available digitally for USD3 via Bandcamp

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