LISTEN: Lone//Lion’s ‘Triptych Trip’

source: Lone//Lion

If randomly browsing Soundcloud doesn’t quite yield out new finds, the alternative is to look at our followers there. Among the armchair electronic acts that found home on the audio distribution site, Sarawakian producer Lone//Lion stands out the most — not only because he is based in a state whose scene JUICE hasn’t familiarised ourselves with, but also for how good his production is. Enough that the pejorative ‘armchair’ doesn’t apply. Like a lot of similar acts, Lone//Lion is a producer who doesn’t adhere to genre loyalty — his uploads thus far have had tags ranging from prog trash pop to an emoticon.

The carefree approach seems to have culminated with latest release ‘Triptych Trip’. Divided by the eponymous number, the track deconstructs the harshness associated with the genre that it’s been labelled as (Lone//Lion chose to tag it as ‘post’ dubstep); it begins with a dub stampede — like Corin Roddick’s harder, bassier beats —  before seguing to a sound in later parts that’s less basement dubstep and more celebratory, like a vocal-less synthy future pop tune. Listen to it below:

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