LISTEN: Liyana Fizi’s ‘You Know (Reddi Rocket Remix)’

source: Reddi Rocket

Produced by Tempered Mental‘s Melina William, Liyana Fizi’s ‘You Know’ was sweet and tender — just as what we’ve come to expect of the singer-songwriter. Almost a year later, Akhyla member Reddi Rocket has given it an official remix — although it began as a bootlegged version before Liyana and Melina heard it and were impressed enough to give the track their seal of approval. Here, instead of the acoustic guitar taking precedence, the piano begins the reinterpreted track and Liyana’s lovely voice doesn’t get tinkered with too much. The track ebbs and flows within itself; alternating between her pristine vocals to the renewing downbeat production. Also, veering slightly from the track, the remix cover art is a work of art; juxtaposing Liyana’s sweetheart quality with a gimp? It’s both perverse and hilarious.

But anyway, listen to the track below:

The original version here:

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