LISTEN: Little Boots’ ‘Better In The Morning’

Little Boots

Does anyone still have any recollection of British electropop singer Little Boots? We vaguely remember her 2009 video ‘Remedy‘ where her getup was that tacky, faux-futuristic Lady Gaga look which also — unfortunately — reflected upon her debut music. Since then, Victoria Hesketh went on a dark adventure on her sophomore release Nocturne, but now she’s back with a blunt bob a la Sia and a clinical pastel pop aesthetic. Off her upcoming third album Working Girl, the Ariel Rechtshaid produced ‘Better in the Morning’ is — as she explained — “an ode to ‘the walk of shame’.” Superficially, the track has the usual elements of mainstream pop; there’s the occasionally trite hip hop vinyl scratches and that tired style of deadpan delivery of the track’s bridge. But, the confluence of triangle tinkles, rollicking percussion, and the many other endearing background whizzes, twinkles, what have you, salvages the track.

Maybe you could also list out the rest of the sounds as well. Take a listen below:

Working Girl will be available on 10 July. Pre-order it here.