LISTEN: Like Silver’s Limbs

source: Like Silver

After just debuting their single ‘Lead Boots’ with Halfway Kings’ Adeline Chua a few days ago, electronic duo Like Silver swiftly followed that release with this gift a day later — an eight-track album entitled Limbs, which is a collection of new and some previously released tracks from their previous EPs π and 1000 Years. Staying true to their propensity for melancholia, they’ve crafted eight sultry, industrial morsels that would quickly entrance you into their realm of sci-fi darkness. But do not be mistaken that this is an album that ruminates about bleakness — well, not entirely. The coupling of the crystalline, nonchalantly beguiling vocals — contributed by Adeline Chua, Sulynn OoiNg Ching-Ching — along with the seamless production makes for an immersive listening experience. Oftentimes, the delicate vocals would swirl around the leaden synths to create not only balance, but also juxtaposition that’s evocative of an air of otherworldliness. Additionally, as a visual enhancement, each song comes accompanied with their own abstract illustration created by Milk Design.

Take a listen to the album below:

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