LISTEN: Like Silver’s ‘Lead Boots’

source: Like Silver

Electronic act Like Silver has been making originals and a few covers featuring the voices of many of their female friends — and the occasional male vocalists like rapper Schizzow, better known now as simply Yung Shen of The Swagger Salon. We much prefer the fluid, feminine vocal set against the mechanical sounds of it all though. The latest offering from the duo comes in the form of a song called ‘Lead Boots’ sung by Halfway Kings‘ Adeline Chua. Like Silver thankfully moved away from the caustic, experimental electronic dance music as demonstrated in their three-song EP, and have settled back into a stripped back, meditative track (as heard on their cover of ‘My Body is a Cage‘, also sung by Adeline). Here, the smoldering arrangement complements the wispy vocals well, a side of Adeline that we’re not as familiar as she always sings with such conviction and assertion in her own band.

Take a listen to the song here:

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