LISTEN: Leo Ari’s Love Must Be Real EP

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source: Leo Ari

“Love must be real, because it fucking hurts.”

So says the back cover of Leo Ari’s debut EP Love Must Be Real — a sentiment not unlike the one he expressed to us regarding his cover of Jaggfuzzbeats’ ‘Hours’; “[heartbreaks] come like a celebration.” This time the celebration in question is a full-blown six-track record soundtracked to the pain of infatuation entirely self-produced by himself (from instruments performed to mixing, and right down to mastering and album art), keeping the emotional vérité true to a single person. It’s sentimentally a Spike Jonze film and musically informed by indie pop and Toro y Moi — catharsis has never sounded better and more declarative than ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’.

Purchase the EP here, or stream it below:

Leo Ari will be performing at HO4X on Saturday 15 August ’15. More from him here.