LISTEN: Kyoto Protocol’s ‘Dispensable’

source: Good Vibes 2013

It feels like aeons ago that Kyoto Protocol released An Album, which was in actual fact, an EP. We grumbled that it was too short (five tracks only!), which resulted in Fuad and co. punishing JUICE by making us wait another four years before finally deciding to satiate our cravings by announcing the release of Catch These Men, of which ‘Dispensable’ is its lead single. Between the washy guitars, driving rhythm section, and Fuad’s aggressive belting about feeling just as the song title would suggest, this is Kyoto Protocol with a newfound energy and zeal. The song was sculpted into its first form several years ago due to an Undi Malaysia drive, and was slowly fleshed out into an anthem about the country’s growth only sticking with the richest percentile while the rest of the nation falls into an unenviable financial state. It’s also very Foo Fighters – not necessarily a bad thing given that Grohl is the epitome of what all rockers ought to be like. We can’t wait to catch these men with Catch These Men coming to you soon.

More on the band on their website.