source: Kid Cudi

Since Man on the Moon, Kid Cudi has slowly dissipated from wider awareness. But the artiste had teased of an imminent album entitled Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven and it was then followed with the release of ‘CONFUSED’, which in true Kid Cudi fashion, was all about existentialism, self-pity, and general dispiritedness. The hip hop musician has always dabbled with rock music by way of the injection of effects-laced guitar in a few of his tracks as well as a few collaborations with artistes such as Father John Misty, St. Vincent, and of course, Ratatat. However with this single, he has fully embraced the genre, signalling a true departure from his previous efforts. Although we’re on the fence about his flat vocal work on that track, ‘JFKPSA’ is a pleasant instrumental interlude for what’s to come. The track comes with a disclaimer though, in which he states that the track is “just a lil something to get your mind readjusted.” We wonder how much of an influence Basquiat (cover art) relates to his new sound, and possibly, his new image. We’ll be paying attention nevertheless.

Take a listen below:

Listen to ‘CONFUSED’ below:

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