LISTEN: Khottal’s ‘YMFT’

Source: Khottal

Melaka-based 12-piece indie rock troop Khottal, recognised for their melodic blend of punk, lo-fi pop and indie rock, is back with the formal release of ‘YMFT’, otherwise ‘Your Most Favourite Thing’, off their much-anticipated forthcoming debut album SISU.

“I wanna be your most favourite thing,” lead vocalist Uzir repeatedly sings between jingles, his chants surfacing through glockenspiel-laden arrangements. With its unpolished sections, the follow up single to ‘Woo Song’ sees the band employing their philosophy of letting go than taking control, as beauty can be found in the slightest of imperfections. After a couple of years of tinkering and tweaking, the single’s release marks the exciting completion of a track that had been around since 2010, with actual production commencing sometime in February the following year. Now, as we listen to the final product of ‘YMFT’, we’re reminded of the much-loved Los Compesinos classic ‘You! Me! Dancing!’, the uplifting atmosphere the song exudes. It’s fun and full of vigour.

Like the track itself, the video accompanying ‘YMFT’ had been in the back burner for a few years before being released together with the single. As the band waits to figure out the right time to drop SISU, ‘YMFT’ is enough to leave us with a tantalising taste of what’s to come.

Purchase the single on iTunes. More about Khottal on their official Facebook page.