LISTEN: Kero Kero Bonito’s ‘Intro Bonito’

source: Charlotte Rutherford

Fresh out of the gloomy metropolitan that is London comes a sunny new trio with some happy music for you, for us, and for everyone else. Lines and rhymes are done in both Japanese and English over cutesy beats — nothing to scoff at though, the bubblegum effect is real. Under the sugary surface, there’s an underlying complexity to the aural structure, with the immaculate production work by Gus and Jamie serving both the song, yet adding a metric f*ckton of flair to it. Think SOPHIE, but less hard, and perhaps a tiny bit more tasteful. The first few tracks are the lighter ones, but listen a little longer and you’ll be able to hear everything from Indian influences to cheesy jazz lines.

This is one that can be enjoyed by all.

You can buy Kero-Kero Bonito’s music here.