LISTEN: Kero Kero Bonito’s ‘Build it Up’

source: Charlotte Rutherford

If you remember this and our little PC music craze back in August with SOPHIE and QT, you’ll definitely want to take a swing at this one too. It’s just a little bit of British fun with the Western Nipponphilic craze. But just like the EP that they released back then, ‘Build It Up’ is full of technicalities, crazy beats, soulful chords, and complex layers – despite how cute and bubblegummy it sounds! It’s mindblowing insanity from the trio, and we’re craving for more. Sarah Bonito is on point as always – and this just goes to show that feel good inspirational tunes can make for great music too! Their best effort to date.

Don’t forget to put your own flag on top.

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