LISTEN: Kelela x Le1f x P Morris’ ‘OICU’

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source: Kelela

Both Kelela and Le1f had prior releases that involved Fade to Mind, and the latter frequently collaborated with a myriad of seapunk alumni (on his own, Le1f already shared the subgenre’s aesthetics prior to blowing up in the scene). It’s only instinctive then for two forward-thinking urban acts with a penchant for avant-garde electronic genres to collaborate on a track. Produced by fellow oddball P. Morris, the SpaceGhostPurrp by way of Nguzunguzu beat opens with a particularly gnarly autotuned baritone by Le1f before Kelela brings her Tweet era r’n’b vocals to the sparse iciness of the synths and drums.

Slow burn r’n’b at its best, listen to it below:

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