LISTEN: KAIN’s Duality

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source: Kain

Three years in the making, KAIN’s immensely personal full-length debut, Duality, finally saw the light of release last Friday 20 May ’16. Unlike Akhyla’s previous records that saw the net label approach of only putting out digital releases (and very DIY physical ones), Duality is conceived as something of an ‘art project’ that needed a tactile experience. Thusly, the album comes with a proper physical release (albeit limited to 200 copies) that sees artist Dan Milk visualising all 11 tracks for the album’s 10-page booklet – all of which are also included in the digital copy.

Duality – living up to its title – plays like a record that is constantly oscillating between two polarities; there is the balancing of KAIN’s bass music background with his increasing interest in sound design (be it in field recording or sampling of everyday objects), then there’s his penchant for ethnic samples vis-à-vis a clear love for brass instruments and the bass (courtesy of jazz double bassist Jandal), and of course, the mental states he recorded these tracks in – their respective BPMs and frequencies should clue you in as to what they were.

Stream the album below:

Purchase Duality via Bandcamp here. More from KAIN here.