LISTEN: KAIN’s B-Sides – Illusions EP – Opt for Atmospherics

source: KAIN

While KAIN’s debut LP Duality is indubitably a product of the UK bass scene, new EP Illusions sees the producer encroaching the realm of atmospherics and hip hop – a fitting direction that’s akin to a lot of UK producers from that scene. Opener ‘Torch’ is a thesis statement; it begins with ambient noise and quickly segues to boom bap beats. The rest of the EP follows the same template, reminding us a bit of the heydays of alt hip hop label Anticon where boom bap meets experimental music, which is especially congruent with third track ‘Erase It’ – complete with a Yoni Wolf-esque style of vocal delivery.

Listen to it below:

More from KAIN here. Download Illusions EP for free, or by a price of your own choosing, here.