LISTEN: JGFZBTS’ ‘Hours (Leo Ari Cover)’

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source: Leo Ari

Taking a listen to JGFZBTS‘s (the vowel-less abbreviation of Jaggfuzzbeats) original arrangement of ‘Hours’ — the band’s “cheesy breakup song,” but we hardly think it’s cheesy at all — when the words are sung with a drawl such as Azrul’s, it really pulled the blues-y dejection out of the simple yet affecting lyrics, “She broke my heart right on the table.” And it seems that Leo Ari shares an empathy with the band’s heartbreak… well, actually, most of his oeuvre have revolved around the pains of being in love, although he had stated that “they come like a celebration.” As demonstrated, Leo saturates the initial rhythmic guitar and kick drum with even more percussion and layers of synths. Overall, it sounds like a really good left-field pop song with a tragic twinge to it, as most pop songs are, and just like this generation’s pop zeitgeist, pitch shifted down vocals open the track. You can quite possibly dance your heartache away with this one.

Take a listen to Leo Ari’s cover below:

Here’s the original by JGFZBTS:

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Both Leo Ari and JGFZBTS will be performing at HO4X on Saturday 15 August ’15. More details here.