LISTEN: Jenna Jerebu’s Hilarious Drill Track ‘Mana Mau Lari (prod. Mark Gee Beats)’

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source: Jenna Jerebu

We’re not sure who Jenna Jerebu really is, but this drill cut rapped in pure colloquial Bahasa sounds legit – hell, it’s even better than the JB Drill King himself, Ical Mosh (whom we’re a fan of as well). Let’s credit this to the genius that is his lyrics that go from Borat-esque gross body comedy (“Tarik kulit skrotum macam teh tarik”) to the lyrical equivalent of a @hxsm comic strip (“Melayu takut aku macam lah aku ni salib, melayu jilat telur aku macam lah aku ni Mahathir”) in the span of one minute. Nary a hint of self-seriousness present here, only a string of non sequiturs and street slang (some seemingly made up) – if 88 Rising is ever looking into Malaysian rappers, considering their fondness for Rich Chigga’s comedic styling, Jenna Jerebu is that man.

Stream it below:

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