LISTEN: Jena’s Digital Infatuation EP

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source: Jena

We’ve been hearing some of electronic producer Jena’s music here and there for some time now, and finally, he has released a self-produced debut EP called Digital Infatuation that shows a remarkable cohesion in his sound. As hinted by the title of the release, it explores the themes of love — rejection and unreciprocated affection — told through a language of digitised beats and inflections. ‘Disconnect’ incorporates a girl feeding a stream of breakup platitudes over a gleaming, skittering soundscape, while on the ‘Mr Game Over’, there’s a semblance of d’n’b influence while his sampling of that familiar faux-female human voice that goes, “Sorry, the number you have dialled is unavailable, please try later,” is clever. The splicing and augmentation done to that vocal transforms it from irritating to something pleasurable. Finally, the eponymous last track sounds like an homage to the infectious 8-bit video game score we used to play as a child — it’s delightfully pop-y.

Take a listen below:

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