LISTEN: Jean Reiki’s Whimsy EP

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source: Jean Reiki

Image OSG Photography

While Jean Reiki’s Whimsy EP is decidedly of a different flavour than previous record MindPort EP – of which the sound art acolyte attempted a more ethno vibe – the new four-tracker sees her continuing her experimentation with 3D binaural sounds and field recordings. To paraphrase the EPK, Reiki adapts the nostalgic with the futuristic into a cohesive sonic amalgam. This can be heard from the get-go on opener ‘We Have Experiments’, a track that adds ambience to the communication between the crew of the International Space Station with Mission Control – as sampled from their live transmission. The rest of the album follow suit in its interplay of the 21st century life and its technological dependency, culminating in a cacophony that is sure to impress sound art luminary Marc Weidenbaum, whose Disquiet Junto compositional challenge Reiki had participated in before — an experience that inspired the making of this album.

Stream the EP below:

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