LISTEN: Jamie xx’s ‘Stranger (Gema Remix)’

source: Gema

Gema is no stranger here on JUICE, we’ve gushed about his releases plenty. Recently, Batam’s finest electronic act dropped his subtle reworking of Jamie xx’s track from debut album In Colour entitled ‘Stranger in a Room‘, which features the vocal work of fellow The xx bandmate Oliver Sims. If you were to cursorily glean anything from the track, you would find that it’s not much of a remix in the traditional sense as the work that Gema has put into his version is that of finesse. His version of the track can be described as if it swathed the original piece, the beats, and even the vocals with slightly lowered pitch shifts, making for a remix that has an overall moodier tone to it than the already sombre original.

Listen to it here:

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