LISTEN: JAIE Opens Up In A Sultry Love Letter Called ‘honest oceans’

In anticipation for the New York-based Malaysian artiste’s EP – purportedly out this December – JAIE gives the world a formal introduction of herself through ‘honest oceans’, a slow jam that’s guaranteed to give you the feels. It is very much different from debuts most up-and-coming artistes opt for, but the intricacy of JAIE’s work is what’s captivating about the self-made vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. A deep r’n’b track on its own, ‘honest oceans’ carries elements of other musical influences like old-school soul and digital beats, showing that there are no bounds when it comes to music-making for the budding musician.  “I don’t think there is any real limitation we face in this current technological state,” says JAIE. The single is also a refreshing twist in the local music scene, boasting similarities to our neighbouring country’s Ffion Williams, who also wears her heart on the her sleeves.

Bringing a stark contrast to her days in buzzy New York, ‘honest oceans’ is a calming tune that worked as an escape for JAIE, whose college background is in IT. The lyrics are somber yet alluring, accompanied by a standout piano that can be heard throughout the song. To bring out the essence of the song, the music video features an interpretive choreography by Hui Yi, a Rutgers dance major.

Watch the music video below:

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