LISTEN: Jaggfuzzbeats Can Rest Now That They’ve Finally Released Their Debut EP

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Rock duo Jaggfuzzbeats have been on the gigging circuit for some time now, steadily building a name for themselves among the younger gen that makes up the bulk of the HOAX/Lotus Club/Raksasa Print crowd. You’ve probably seen them play with two Orangs too (one Malaya, the other sans Malaya) – or the other way around – and heard their individual songs and collaborations as bedroom producers. With that much hard work, it’s fitting that their debut EP, finally out, is named Rest Now. While it’s likely you’ve heard five songs from the eight-track record from either SoundCloud or their numerous live shows, they’ve all been polished to befit this proper release. The additional tracks – lead single ‘Symmetry’, ‘Empty Moi’, and ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ – have all the hallmarks of the band; Azrul’s country drawl and twang, infectious guitar licks, foot-tapping drum patterns, and vague-albeit-heart firmly on the sleeves lyrics.

Listen to Rest Now below:

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Rest Now is streamable via Spotify, and purchasable via Bandcamp and iTunes.