LISTEN: Into The Blue Guest Mix by Moslem Priest

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Image Miranda Yeoh

Possibly the only show on radio that is on the exact same wavelength as JUICE musically, Into The Blue is a weekend music segment on BFM hosted by Tim Sharp that aside from playing good international electronic and dance tunes, also works to showcase talents from the region who are on par with big name musicians and producers. Recently, the radio show has enlisted four excellent acts to curate guest mixes throughout the month — UK’s LONE kickstarted the series with some hip hop courtesy of R&S Records, and then there was Bass Sekolah’s indigenous instruments and nature-inflected dance choons courtesy of RBMA. But what really caught our attention was last Saturday’s mix when Moslem Priest took the helm, playing only unreleased tracks by the 50490 collective (Moslem Priest, Mysteriz, S|Co.). While listening to the 45-minute behemoth, we suggest that you surrender yourself to the priest as he administers an array of tracks that perfectly facsimiles the aesthetics of Night Slugs and sister label Fade to Mind — and no, it’s not to a fault, these guys are that good.

Listen to it in its entirety below:

01. Moslem Priest – Bayan Palace (feat. Mysteriz & throughSepia)
02. Mysteriz – Absolete
03. S|Co. – Mango
04. Moslem Priest – Lust
05. Moslem Priest – Sort It Out
06. Moslem Priest – House Arrest
07. Moslem Priest – Push Notification (S|Co. Paradise Remix)
08. Moslem Priest & Mysteriz – Skeletal Banshee (S|C0. Demon Soul mix)
09. Mysteriz – Zeb Flute
10. Mysteriz – eVe
11. Moslem Priest – Message
12. Moslem Priest – Ricochet
13. Moslem Priest – Visitor (Dub)
14. Moslem Priest – Top Off Tool
15. Moslem Priest – Comatose
16. Moslem Priest & Mysteriz – Like Mantis
17. Rushmore – Couture (Moslem Priest Refix)
18. S|Co. – Persona Pt. 1 (Moslem Priest Remix)
19. Mysteriz & S|Co. – F U TU RE S Y N T H
20. Mysteriz – Disc Open
21. Moslem Priest – Sparce
22. S|Co. – Velvet Room

The final guest mix by Singapore’s Jaydah (ATTAGIRL) will hit the airwaves on 30 May. You can tune in to Into The Blue on BFM 89.9 on Saturdays 10pm-12am. But if you’ve swore off radio, you can keep up here

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