LISTEN: Into the Blue Guest Mix by Jaydah

source: Jaydah

The last of the previous month’s curated series of Into the Blue guest mixes, like Moslem Priest’s 50490-exclusive mix, Singaporean DJ Jaydah (Phyla/ATTAGIRL) digs into the local talent pool for a collection of 100% unreleased cuts from both Singapore and Malaysia that acts as “a tribute to [her] brothers in arms from the Phyla crew.” It’s not just limited to her own label though, along with a couple of unnamed tracks in the midst, Akhyla and Syndicate make minor appearances in the flurry of Phyla cuts. As we’ve grown accustomed to from this sect of the scene, Jaydah goes hard with dubstep, d’n’b, footwork (from VMPRMYTH and KAIN to boot!), and any bass music variations thereof only to throw us off by ending the mix with an acoustic-electronic song by F ∆ U X E — yo, what?!

Big up Tim. Stream the mix below: 

01. Ali Aiman – Breathe (KAIN Remix) (Akhyla)
02. Gema + DV – Child (Sideswipe Bootleg) (Phyla)
03. Iyer – Vaseegara (Banzulu Remix) (Unreleased)
04. VMPRMYTH & KAIN – Voodoo Juke (Forthcoming Akhyla)
05. Iyer – Not Wise Enough (Phyla)
06. Iyer – Syncopate 2015 (Phyla)
07. Mooves – Gibbs (Phyla)
08. Uncon Sci – Desh (Phyla)
09. Mooves – Osterreich (Phyla)
10. Banzulu – PlentyDro (Phyla)
11. Hesk – Losing You (Phyla)
12. FZPZ – Great Falls (Forthcoming Phyla)
13. Anomy – Izzarap (Forthcoming Phyla)
14. Uncon Sci – Freaky Flow (Mastah Syphe Remix)
15. Nonfuture – Embrace (Phyla)
16. ?? – ??
17. ?? – ??
18. Anomy – Mario (Forthcoming Phyla)
19. Vandetta – Ground Zero (Kiat Remix) (Forthcoming Syndicate)
20. Diphasic – Three Nine (Phyla)
21. F ∆ U X E – Farwell (Forthcoming Phyla)

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