LISTEN: Ical Mosh’s Mungkar 2 Mixtape

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source: Ical Mosh

Johor Bahru is virile spot for a local drill scene – who knew? Ical Mosh’s been around for some time now; infamously for exclaiming “INI JB, BRO/ HATI-HATI, BRO/ JAGA MULUT KALAU TAK NAK KENA TEMBAK, BRO,” before adlibbing “(BRAPP) TEMBAK, TEMBAK, TEMBAK.” That was off mixtape Mungkar – a surprisingly viral release. Now, the JB native has dropped the sequel to it – plainly called Mungkar 2 – that improves upon its predecessor in production value, lyrical content, and vocal contributions (though there were a few unfortunate guest spots). With a vocal prologue about JB as a Drill City “full of struggle,” spoken in Japanese, and a proper street narrative in the lyrics, there’s a semblance of storytelling on the mixtape amidst all the adlibs emblematic of the subgenre. We’re convinced.

Peep it below:

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