LISTEN: Home Court (DaeRiff)’s ‘Crashed Satellite’

source: Home Court (DaeRiff)

In our August 2015 interview with turntablist-beatmaker Dae Kim, he revealed to us of his increasing boredom with local hip hop that led to him exploring the wider soundscape of the genre he’s rooted in — electronica. Fortunately, a chance meeting with Ariff Azhar — veterans of Malaysian hip hop might recognise him as Koncept83 or Yang Ariff of the now defunct KLG Sqwad — thanks to his affiliation with The Bat Cave (of which Ariff had worked with extensively last year) has reinvigorated his love for hip hop. “I wanted to mix what I have been doing with electronic music with hip hop to search for my new sound in hip hop production,” he divulged to us. Considering their shared love for funk, jazz, and electronica, it was only natural that Ariff reacted to the first beat Dae had given him with a succinct “[This is some] pimp shit!” He wasn’t wrong — the finished track, ‘Crashed Satellite’, is indeed pimp shit and then some. Ariff’s stream-of-the-consciousness verse has a freeform quality to it that rides Dae’s amorphous beat to perfection, through all the funky synth lines, crashing crescendos, and masterful beatswitch, stopping only when necessary at the coda. JUICE had written about the importance of an apt producer-rapper pairing multiple times before, and locally that hip hop symbiosis has never quite sounded as promising as what DaeRiff is suggesting with their first single together.

Stream the track below:

Dae Kim and Ariff are set to perform together this Saturday 9 January ’16 at Raising the Bar Festival ’16.