source: HOAX

To coincide with the forthcoming HOAX005 gig on Saturday 23 July ’16 (and Raya month), the young’uns from HOAX Vision wishes you well via this new mixtape. As we’ve come to expect, HOAX WISHES U WELL encompasses a varying number of genres; Atlanta-influenced rap cuts courtesy of Cønfucius, Bastard Malaya, Ichu, Phvze, Krayziesoundz, et al., beat scene instrumentals from alextbh (whose ‘feelings’ is Do Hits-worthy) and Afaro, and hell, there’s even potent xaxau materials here in Viktoria’s ‘Come Around’ and F i 7 i’s ‘Baby I’m Here (feat. ZSYIA)’. If this collection of tracks is any indication of the upcoming show, ‘litnya’ really makes for an apt tagline for HOAX005 – not to mention also as a dope titular track by Kidd Santhe. Though that descriptor doesn’t remotely describe the very out of place ‘City of Tears’ by Theraja.

Listen to the mixtape below:

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