LISTEN: HOAX Loves U Mixtape

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source: HOAX

HOAX leader, Naufal of eponymous duo Naufal & I-Sky, described the collective’s debut mixtape with the adjective “fuckaround”, adding that most of the tracks were mostly throwaways. Homeboy needn’t be so humble, because with the exception of the unfortunate The-Bazement (RIP) era-sounding backpack rap of ‘Feel It’ (by Dai-Kan, featuring Bastard and Imran), the rest of the tracklist are some of the better tunes we heard from the likes of Afaro, The Shakes, Faris Malik, Aliuddin, Naufal & I-Sky themselves (opting for the atmospheric in lieu of cooking dance-able trap), and even Orang Malaya, whose guitar-based ‘Kindergarten’ is the first song from him that we were genuinely impressed by. There is a strong Weird South by way of Awful Media Group undercurrent to it, much like the previously unheard of Bastard’s ‘Ode to Lights (feat. Imran)’, arguably our favourite off HOAX Loves U.

Download and/or listen below.

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