LISTEN: Haywyre’s ‘Everchanging’

source: Haywyre

A lot of analogue purists possess an unfounded hatred towards all things electronic — no thanks to the countless 128bpm tracks that are all eicastic of one another in every which way at rave parties and festivals. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find a semblance of solidity and aural sophistication blooming — and Haywyre possesses a metric f*ckton of these. ‘Everchanging’ starts off with chill downtempo vibes, but steadily transforms into one of the best tracks that we’ve heard so far for the past few months. Sparkling vibrato leads steal the limelight, and conscientious usage of background stab elements — maybe a little akin to what a certain Malaysian producer has been trying to work at, but done in a much more polished and potent manner. You’ll know who we’re talking about when you let this beat drop. If you like it, you can download it for free, but Haywyre is working with VH1’s Save The Music Foundation for this track – so take your duit raya and spend a little to help spread the love.

Pay by donation for the track at any price here.