LISTEN: Hayden James’ ‘Something About You’

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Source: Hayden James

There’s just something irresistible about the Future Classic compilation Teen Idols that’s scheduled to be released in a week’s time. We’ve already heard the title track by Touch Sensitive released a week ago — contemporary harmonic shiz that blows anything that Boys II Men did completely out of the water — and now this sleek tune? It’s an exclusive to this compilation, just like the Touch Sensitive one, alongside two others by 123MRK and Koa. Lyrically, it’s your run of the mill feel good modern-day love song; Hayden doesn’t go into details with what it is exactly about his hypothetical romantic partner that attracts him to it. However, we aren’t as vague about our feelings towards the eminent musical content of the song. Funk stabs complement the perky mood of the track, and Hayden’s corresponding vocals do the same for its overall outlook. There’s a beautiful lucidity about this one right here, and luckily, it’s one that we can indeed place our finger on.

Blissful simplicity at its finest.

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