source: HARII

HARII is a sound designer, engineer, and producer hailing from USJ, and his nine-track EP entitled Pegasus premiered a week ago via Seremban-based DJB Records. The EP demonstrates his range and prowess — from hip hop to dubstep and grime but never straying far from trap. It moved from the piano-heavy, female vocal-driven beginning before the musical direction diverted to ‘Jollywood’ and ‘Mindsteppa’, both of which have ethnic inclinations. The definite peak of the EP is the aptly titled ‘Apeshyt’ where the producer generously heaps on grimy trap to induce the listener into the maniacal state of its namesake. However, Pegasus concludes with a curious twist; ‘Tiddle’ is propelled by a droning sound that then segues into a surprising melodic nu disco guitar until it dissipates into a wiry space age-y track.

Have a listen below:

The Pegasus EP is out via DJB Records. More from HARII here.