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source: H Y B R D T H R Y

Admittedly, JUICE Malaysia only got onto the H Y B R D T H R Y bandwagon recently. Specifically after seeing one of our Singaporean fam commenting that the collective’s Soundcloud and Facebook page are the #1 source for good, unknown bedroom producers from the city-state. That claim was not unfounded – we listened to H Y B R D T H R Y 01 and were immediately impressed considering we’d thought we knew our neighbour’s scene pretty well, but here was a pool of talent that we had completely missed out on earlier. Now with the recently released 30-track H Y B R D T H R Y 02, the collective expands their reach to beyond just the ‘beat scene’ with the inclusion of singer-songwriters, bands, and rappers in the compilation. The record also features more established names in the likes of Phyla’s Iyer, Order Records’/Syndicate SG’s Gema, Intriguant, and Akhyla’s Kain among others. Sofklo’s PC Music-esque aesthetic continues to be a highlight, Anomy’s remix of Zap Mama’s ‘Gissié’ marries Afropop with the man’s adept ear for bass music, and the rest of the compilation continues in the same tradition of forward-thinking music.

Stream the compilation below:

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