LISTEN: George Maple’s ‘Talk Talk’

source: Interview Magazine

Yet another artiste from Flume’s extended circle of manically talented pals (her vocals were featured in ‘Bring You Down‘), this lass from Sydney’s debut EP has been a long time coming. She’s got a soulful voice and hasn’t failed to impress thus far — it seems like Future Classic has got another gem on their hands. ‘Talk Talk’ is a chilled out introduction to George Maple’s sensual and seductive vocals, but we’d like to hear a little more before we pass judgment on whether she’s strong enough to make the cut on her own as a solo artiste. It’s lush, and it’s beautifully understated, but is that enough to separate her from the rest of the pack?

George Maple’s debut EP, Vacant Spaces, will be out Friday 3 October ’14 via Future Classic. Listen to more of her here