LISTEN: Gema’s ‘Middle’

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source: Gema

Like the last time Gema stealthily uploaded an EP’s worth of tracks, ‘Middle’ comes out of nowhere last night to nil hype and prior announcement. But that’s just how the low-profile Singapore-based Indonesian artiste rolls we suppose; the music does the talking in lieu of incessant social media updates about it. The track is what we’ve come to expect of Gema — lowtemp post-dubstep with pitch shifted down vocal samples (though this time around culminating with a coda that’s speckled with untouched female r’n’b vocals). That isn’t in any way a complaint, it’s not like we get a lot of this sound ’round this region.

Hopefully this doesn’t disappear in a few days’ time, as Gema is wont to taking his sneaky uploads off the internet. Tease.

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