LISTEN: fzpz’s Soul Explorations EP

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source:  fzpz

Image Ungku Ibrahim

fzpz’s tribute to UK bass informed by house — lead single ‘Crystal Chasms’ off debut EP Soul Explorations — left us wanting more, so here it is, the man’s 5-tracker in all its glory. Over the year, Jarren Lim has steadily grown from SoundCloud bedroom producer to buzz about DJ-producer who’s been blogged about internationally (with multiple shows to his moniker in native Singapore to boot), effectively making Soul Explorations something of a culmination of all the hype surrounding his musical prowess. His keen sense for melody is in full effect on every track; opener ‘Great Falls’ is filled with lush keys, the succeeding track ‘Pass It (For The Fam)’ borrows from juke in the way it utilises vocal sample, ‘Iowa’ almost rivals ‘Lapse’ (arguably our favourite fzpz track), and closer ‘Subtly, Gently’ takes things down a notch to a meditative level for a much needed soul exploration.

Stream and/or purchase the EP below:

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