LISTEN: Father’s ‘Spoil You Rotten (Adam Kasturi Remix)’

source: Father

Adam Kasturi’s beats are often submerged in dystopian atmospherics – you’d think if he were to produce for a rapper, it’d be someone like early ‘00s El-P (debut Fantastic Damage is as cyberpunk as it gets). Now having remixed Father’s ‘Spoil You Rotten’, that supposition is very much off; Adam’s apocalyptic production jarringly complements the ATL transplant’s sexually charged verse, effectively giving lines like “Circle jerking, holding hands, kumbaya, kumbaya” an end-of-the-world cult imagery as opposed to Father’s Mad Magazine-style orgy. One can only imagine what Adam could come up with if given Slug Christ’s acappella.

Stream the remix below:

Check out the original below:

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