LISTEN: f r s x Shelhiel’s ‘Sunday Dreams’

source: f r s + Shelhiel

Lately, Shelhiel and f r s have spent an inordinate amount of time bromancing in real life – it was only a matter of time before the two would release something together. Well, here it is. ‘Sunday Dreams’ was the result of Shelhiel jamming to f r s’ existing beat over one evening before finishing a terse lovelorn track the day after. Over luscious percussions and euphonious beat that references Tennyson’s production style, Shelhiel sings his dejection in a register that isn’t unlike Bieber’s – it even reminded us of some of the best tracks off the Biebs’ seminal comeback album, Purpose. The concise nature of the track is its only slight, however, the two of them had revealed to us that it was an intentional choice; ‘Sunday Dreams’ is meant to be a teaser of their future collaborations.

Stream the track below:

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