LISTEN: euseng seto’s walaubagaimanapun EP

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Source: Words Manifest
Euseng Seto is best known for his work under the flica moniker, of which his most prolific releases under Japan-based label Schole have been stamped.  However, the KL-based electronic artiste has decided to push out this EP under his own name (in all lower case letters) and via Canadian netlabel basic_sounds. The longform track (it’s a twenty minute composition) grows from a glitchy yet smooth flow into a nigh uncontrollable whirlwind of ambient sounds and industrial grooveworks — right before everything drops around the halfway mark into a mellifluous piano-driven melody that slowly builds itself up to a dizzying conclusion, capturing emotions and feelings in a way that your standard 3-minute track on the radio simply just can’t. If you enjoyed DANCE.DANCE.DANCE., you’re bound to love this too.

Download the EP for free here

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