LISTEN: Enterprise’s ‘Cécile La Lumière’ Remixed

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source: Enterprise

It’s been seven months since we’ve heard of dance punk band Enterprise‘s lead single ‘Cécile La Lumière’ off their EP which featured Bil Musa. The track veered slightly away from the usual brawny vocals and new wave pop to a much gentler and subtler tone of singing. After alluding of a special project concerning this track on their Facebook profile, the band has revealed it to be a remix project of said song, contributed by the likes of Dizkopolis, Menikmati, Analog K, and Stellar Dreams. As expected, the project is heavily reliant on synthesisers; Dizkopolis transformed it into a tremendously danceable nu disco tune that is reminiscent of Justice, Stellar Dreams elongated and imbued it with reverberations of ’80s-style synths, Analog K continues where Dizkopolis left off, and finally, Menikmati does the polar opposite by covering the track (featuring a different vocalist in Xeem Noor no less) as opposed to remixing the original — effectively morphing the song into a downtempo ballad.

Take a listen below:

Here’s the original:

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