LISTEN: Emir Hermono’s ‘SUM12LUV’

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source: Emir Hermono

Emir Hermono’s monthly drop of songs off forthcoming record Karma Kisses continues with ‘SUM12LUV’, a Janet Jackson-sampling (‘Someone to Call My Lover’) r’n’b instrumental that carries on his streak of downtempo love choons. This time around though, despite what the crackly sample of what we’re guessing is the rain would suggest, Emir’s composition regularly crescendos to a point before dropping back to a lowtemp constant. Still, the mood is more celebratory than Emir’s ever been before – perhaps suggesting the erratic highs of a working relationship.

Join the celebration and stream the track below:

Karma Kisses will be out in December via Casa Bejo Records. ‘SUM12LUV’ is available for purchase via iTunes and Bandcamp. More from Emir here.