LISTEN: Doja Cat’s ‘So High (ZSYIA’s Cover)’

source: ZSYIA

ZSYIA has been dubbed as our very own Doja Cat as she does indeed share a similar singing style, with both ladies possessing a caramel smooth vocal delivery, sounding quite identical in many instances. But, both ladies are chameleons as they can sound as sultry — sweet or tough — as they wish to match the mood or narrative of a given track. Here, together with producer f r s, ZSYIA takes on Doja Cat’s effortless single ‘So High’. Just as the track begins, you’d know that Fariz isn’t frivolously tinkering about, but rather, he goes to work by elevating a standard nu r’n’b track with the introduction of some oriental-sounding instrumentation in the background and stripping it off the darling soundscape of the original. ZSYIA’s slinky, siren-like vocals can be attributed for the transformation as well, as she teases and seduces with her song.

Take a listen below:

The original version by Doja Cat:

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